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Top Quality Teeth Cleaning and Scaling for Your Dog

Ensuring that your dog’s teeth are brushed and scaled correctly is a crucial aspect of being a responsible dog owner. Every week our team of certified teeth cleaning experts see the damage that poor dental hygiene can have on dogs of all shapes and sizes. Poor dental care does not only affect your dog’s teeth but it can also contribute to other diseases and infections further down the line. Don’t take a risk with your dog’s dental health. Instead, call the teeth brushing experts you can trust.

Our service has been used by dogs from across the city and we are proud to say that almost every result has been extremely positive. So, if you think that your dog’s breath has been unpleasant recently or if you have noticed blood coming from their gums, then it is time that you call the dog dental hygienists you can rely on. Trust us, your dog will thank you for it.

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What Is Dog Teeth Scaling?

Dental scaling is a non-professional treatment (not carried out by a vet) that is anesthetic-free and is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners these days. It is not a replacement for dental hygiene but it is a treatment that, when used in conjunction with proper dental care, can aid your canine greatly. Our certified dental experts go to great lengths to ensure that our scaling service is as effective and as non-invasive as possible.

Tried and Trusted Teeth Brushing Treatment

Like all the treatments that we offer at Pampered Paws, we guarantee that your dog will be safe and secure throughout our teeth cleaning treatment. Our tried and trusted approach to dental hygiene for dogs can be seen in the continued popularity of this service. We don’t promise miracles but we do ensure that any tartar or plaque buildup in your dog’s mouth will be taken care of correctly. On top of that, our advanced service is an efficient way of detecting other problems that may be related to your dog’s poor dental hygiene. For pricing, please visit our Pricing tab.

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