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About Pampered Paws Salon LLC

I have been a groomer since 2012 and it is my passion! Grooming is not only a way for your furry loved one to look good but also a way for him or her to feel better and be healthier! I dedicate all I have and know to extraordinary service to you and your pet, if you are not satisfied, neither am I! I love almost nothing more than animals and I will not settle until every household pet is happy, healthy, and pretty! I am available by appointment on this site or the number listed or through facebook. I look forward to pampering your companions at your need!


We started Boarding and dog sitting in 2015 almost on accident. A grooming client had an emergency and needed someone she trusted to care for her fur baby, we were it! After the pet obviously enjoyed its stay, the owner recommended everyone she knew to us! And the cycle of word of mouth led us to continually care for more of your furry friends than we ever would have imagined. So in 2018 we decided to go all in to our new, All inclusive, safe, clean and affordable Pampered Paws Salon LLC, A Grooming and Boarding and Day Care Facility!

Professional Pet Care Specialists

Whether you are looking for a play place for your new puppy to use up some if its energy or are in need of a grooming service for your cat or dog, you need to look no further than Pampered Paws Salon LLC. With the perfect combination of experience and skill, Pampered Paws Salon LLC’s team has the knowledge and means to make your pet-related dreams a reality. We take immense pride in the pet care service that we offer and that is why we go to such great lengths to ensure that, when you call us, you will receive exceptional service. So, what are you waiting for? With expertise in all aspects of pet care, we should be the first number you call.


Superior Service Guaranteed

Most pet care professionals view their work as a job. However, for our team of diligent and committed professionals, it is much more than that. Our passion for pet care sets us apart from all others and means that we ensure our clients and their pets receive the best in grooming, boarding and daycare needs. For us, a good service is not good enough, we want to be the best. And it is this commitment to excellence that drives our business. So, why settle for second-best when the number one team is right here on your doorstep.


Professional Pet Care With a Smile

Pampered Paws Salon LLC has provided professional and trusted pet care service for years. In that time, we have developed a reputation of providing an efficient yet friendly pet care service that uses the most advanced approaches to training, treatments and grooming. However, we are always trying to improve, and that is why we continue to expand the range of services we offer, while always guaranteeing that the high standards we set for ourselves are maintained. The simple fact of the matter is that every member of our team is an animal lover. So, whether you have a golden retriever or a pet snake, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will receive the most tender love and care that any animal could ask for. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that the pets who stay with us are always in a safe, balanced and nurturing environment.

Locally Owned and Operated


At Pampered Paws Salon LLC we are immensely proud of our roots. We started this business from the ground up and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the loyalty of pet owners from the area who continue to trust us with their beloved companions. It is obvious that our team at Pampered Paws Salon LLC is made up of people who do not simply work with animals for a pay check because we are the first and only team the local humane society calls for their professional grooming needs and the only one that they will recommend to you. Why? Because they know that this is not simply a job for us, it is a passion, and we are happy to volunteer that passion to humane organizations whenever they call. We feel that the all-encompassing, friendly and efficient service we offer our clients and their pets reflects the wider generosity of our valued team. When you bring your pet to us, it’s like bringing your pet to family.

Frequently Asked Questions:
For Pet Services:

Q: Do you kennel the dogs all day?

No. For no extra charge your dogs are able to roam around our supervised facility all day. The only time they may be kenneled is if they are aggressive, if it is feeding time, or if it is bed time. Some dogs may not be kenneled at any of these times dependent on personality. And we take a great deal of pride in getting to know all of our guests personalities.


Q: Can I come earlier or later than my grooming appointment?

If you are 15 minutes or more late to your grooming appointment we may have to reschedule the appointment. If you want to come earlier than your scheduled appointment that is no problem! Just let us know so we can be sure we are ready for you! Please note that just because you show up early may not mean that your groom is done early.

Q: How do I know my pets are being treated well?

The owners have security monitors that view the staff and are live 24/7. Your pets are nearly never without at least 2 sets of eyes on them!

Q: My pet needs to go to the vet. Can I bring them to you?

No, we are not vets. We are happy to recommend a vet to you. We can administer medicine and shots such as for thyroid disorders or diabetes during your pets stay, but we are not a vet.

Q: How is the facility kept clean and free of spreadable illnesses?

Our staff cleans the entire facility from top to bottom everyday with a concentrated cleaner that kills bacteria and illnesses that lead to parvo, bordatella, rabies and much more! As well, all of our boarding and daycare quests are required to have specific and up to date vaccinations. Your pets health and happiness is our top priority!

Q: Is There a Timeframe for Your Boarding Service?

Whether it’s a three-day business trip or a two-week family vacation, it’s always difficult leaving your pet behind while you are out of town. That is why when selecting a boarding service, you need to ensure that you choose the best. By picking Pampered Paws Salon LLC, you are guaranteeing that this is the case. We cut no corners in the delivery of pet care excellence and you shouldn’t either. Our service can be as long or as short as you require. This is one of our most popular services, so, a good rule to follow is simply, when you know you are going away, we should know. That is just to ensure that your pet has a place reserved with us.

Q: Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

We are very well versed in many exotic types of animals that are commonly owned in this area such as tortoises, macaws and even pot bellied pigs.

Q: Why Is it Important to Treat Your Pets to Regular Nail Care Treatments?

Failing to have the nails of your pet clipped and maintained correctly could prove extremely costly for your home. Wooden floors, freshly painted walls or wooden chair and table legs could all become a playground for a cat, dog or even rabbit with excessively long nails. So, to ensure the upkeep of your home, you need to treat your pet to regular nail care treatments from us. That being said, as bad as long nails are for your home, they are a lot worse for your pet. Failing to cut, your pet’s nails can result in injuries ranging from torn nails to arthritis. This is particularly true for dogs’ nails as they are curved, so if they grow too long they can dig into their paw pads and cause extreme pain. To avoid inflicting this level of pain on your pet, make sure that their nails are treated regularly.

Q: Is it Painful for My Dog to Have a Teeth Cleaning?

At Pampered Paws Salon LLC, the most important thing that we care about is your dog’s happiness. That is why we spend so much time using techniques that provide a deep and thorough teeth cleaning for your dog without affecting his or her mood or sense of comfort. On top of that, we always strive to guarantee that all our teeth cleaning and scaling treatments occur painlessly and without the risk of sedation. We know that having improved oral balance will, almost always, result in a healthier and happier dog. This is why our skilled team of professionals will do all they can to ensure top quality results without the pain and discomfort of a stressful tooth cleaning experience.

Phone: (419) 438-3209            Email:                                                                      MON - FRI: 7AM - 6PM                    SAT: 9AM - 3PM

                                                                                                                               SUN: 9AM - 2PM

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